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9 Lessons Learned from 25 Years of Workplace Mentoring (Appreciate)

workplace mentoringThe pleasure of mentoring has filled my work and volunteer days over the years.

Some arrangements have been long and involved, as others have been short and to the point. Each has been a wonderful experience for the mentee or me.

In all of them … I’ve been the recipient of learning just as I’ve been the educator. And most of the mentee would say the same.

Along the way, I’ve picked up these 9 important lessons.

Workplace Mentoring Insights

1. Shift happens … and because it does, patience, flexibility and discretion are awesome companions

2. When you listen you learn, when you share you educate … and when you remember you have two ears and one mouth, then listening rather than speaking is a awesome way to stay alert to the questions asked.

3. Words matter yet there are no absolute words … and on any given day the utterance of “yes or no”, can alter the course of your mentoring relationship

4. No matter what you think you know, there is more to learn … and you’ve not learned everything until a child has shared something that rocks your framework of life

5. Whoever enters your life was meant for the time … and gain understanding of the conscious message and the non-conscious message of your meeting, because learning occurs on many levels

6. Guide each mentee to reflection on his/her weaknesses and strengths … and then guide them to improve, focus, and strengthen the strengths and identify ways to have others augment their weaknesses

7. Surround yourself with people who’ll call you on your BS … and do the same for your mentee in ways that reveal the beliefs and assumptions framing the BS

8. Take a break from mentoring to reframe your ideas … and find ways to rejuvenate yourself in the down time

9. Believe in the mentee’s willingness to engage … and celebrate the times when engagement is evident, and address those situations when there is disengagement

These 9 lessons are foundational in my continued presence as a mentor.
If I give up on two of them I weaken the mentoring arrangement.
Give up on three I weaken the relationship.

I share them – in case they are useful to you.

As you mentor today, which one resonates for you?
Which one will you improve for tomorrow?

Keep a diary of your knowledge capture.
Then find ways to share your knowledge so other mentors can prosper from what you learned.
You could leave a comment here – we would appreciate reading your learning about workplace mentoring ))smiles

Yours for the wellth of it,


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First Published, November 2014

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