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Coaching and Mentoring Connection Competition Collaboration

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring
What is Coaching?
What is Mentoring?
What is the Connection between Coaching and Mentoring?
What is the Competition between Coaching and Mentoring?
What is the Collaboration between Coaching and Mentoring?
Asking the questions So What? What Else? And Now What? as you seek to improve, focus, and strengthen your approaches to coaching and mentoring, whether separately or together.

How to Mentor Mentoring Lounge Updates

How to Mentor Mentoring Lounge

Streaming Live February 9, 2022 – IMC Mentoring Lounge

Topics Covered:​​ ​​​

​Update on Doug Lawrence’s Book: You Are Not Alone (Amazon Bestseller);
Question about “How to Mentor? Dr. Stephen Hobbs responds;
Response to a Quora Question about mentoring;
Chip Conley (MEA) asked a question about “Who was your best mentor?” on his LI feed – Doug and Stephen answered;
Question to Doug from Stephen “What is the essential element of serving as a mentor?”;
Update on several admin-related matters for the community members’ awareness

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