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We are writing a book and developing a course for those wanting to BECOME a MENTOR.

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Book Course Research - Appreciate your responses

IMC is carrying out research for writing a book and delivering an online course about mentoring.
The book and course are useful and helpful to someone wanting to become a mentor and wants more insights (concepts and practices) to establish a mentoring approach.

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The IMC Learning and Educating Platform guides you to: 

  1. access the appropriate tools and techniques you require to be successful in all aspects of the mentoring arrangement - with self and with the mentee
  2. deliver a mentoring experience consistent with the mentee's requirements and requests - in the words of the mentee, on your terms
  3. manage your continuous learning about the existing and new knowledge/skills necessary to serve as a mentor - based on the latest updates from neuroscience, adult education, human performance improvement, industrial psychology, workplace culture, and more
  4. challenge your conscious competence and caring contributions as a mentor (and/or mentee) - from the life mix of workplace accountability, personal wellness, recreation-play, and philanthropic volunteerism
  5. gain modern mentoring insights useful to manage and lead the mentoring arrangement - especially for ethical decision-making, collaborative conversations, and encouraging the mentee's movement forward    

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