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Mentoring is a thoughtful and tactful educating approach that has wide application - from within the workplace to nurturing parent-children relationships at home. When used correctly, the Mentor and Mentee (learner) mutually benefit from the time together. 

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From There to Here 

The story of mentoring is timeless - it's been a way of educating since humans walked the earth.

Mentoring involves a person (the mentor) sharing insights from lived experience based on the questions asked by another (the mentee, learner, protege).

This perspective of mentoring is a starting point for understanding and appreciating all things mentoring. As with most human endeavours, there are variations you experience once you begin to mentor. 

A common story of the term Mentor is linked to a Greek story of Homer's son receiving support from Mentor, the son's primary educator while Homer was on his Odyssey. 

However, if you think about it ... even before the Greek story - a person was helping another person to learn from their lived experience like the do and don'ts of hunting, fishing, gardening, making clothes etc. While instruction was often the first edcuating approach used in learning these activities, it was mentoring (with the mentee asking questions of the mentor's lived experience) that deepen and enriched the mentee's filling the knowing-doing gaps. 

And so, the name/term "mentor" has been passed along over time to it's present day form. However, there are additional educating approaches like instructing that are linked to mentoring that are clouding the story. There are 10 educating approaches helpful to your knowing and practicing. The decision becomes which educating approaches you add to your circle of competence and which educating approaches you ask for help from others because of their circle of competence. 

To mentor is different than to coach ... while complementary, their practice and outcome, position the mentor and mentee in a different place than coach and coachee. You will learn more as you involve yourself with the International Mentoring Community

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At the core of the mentoring journey, whether for the mentor or the mentee is the phrase:

MAKE it so, so IT is!

Where MAKE is:


Where IT is


While Mentoring - serving as a Mentor - it's important to appreciate the mentee's primary path to learning. Is it via maps and diagrams, action and reflection, knowledge and concepts, or encouragement and appreciation. Because when you know the primary path, you can guide the mentee forward. Then, you can welcome the other action paths. All four are present!

Do the same for yourself  ... and appreciate how your pathway to learning may be different or the same - what happens for you as a mentor? Do you educate from your pathway or the mentee's pathway or a combination because you make both pathways known to each other?

International Mentoring Community 

In 2018, Dr. Stephen (or Stephen) connected with the co-founder of the International Mentoring Community (IMC) Doug Lawrence to create a community of significance to award Certificate of Competence - Mentor, and alternatively, Certificate of Achievement - Mentoring. In addition, they have/are creating the Mentoring Library dedicated to All Things Mentoring. Learn more about each of them and all of the programs they offer. 

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