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About this course

WELLcome to the 17-Day Mentoring Challenge #1

There are 17 x 1-hour Zoom meetings = 17 hours
Dates: ***
Time: 10 am MST /CST= 9 am PST, 12 noon EST

There is 1 x 1.5-hour Zoom Q&A call organized in-between
#1 = ** 
As a group - you'll decide the date and time Mountain 

Course Structure

Overview of 17 Day Mentoring Challenge #1 3 Lessons

About the 17 Day Mentoring Challenge #1

Starts ***

Includes 2 x 1.5-Hour Q&A meetings - with Recordings placed here 
#1 = 

#2 = 

From the Start Date through 6-months you have access to this location 


Learning Outcomes:

This group learning event covers 21 key elements of mentoring to 

  • extend your knowledge, skill, and attitude baseline for your practice of mentoring (continuous learning)
  • encourage your learning and growth as a competent mentor (continuous improvement)


Learning Objectives:

  • Review 9 key considerations a mentor requires to support a mentee 
  • Explore mental health issues often experienced in a mentoring arrangement//relationship
  • Practice three tools/techniques useful to every mentoring arrangement 
  • Review 8 action_outcomes to determine where you require a tune-up
  • Use evidence-based learning and experience-based educating
  • Can use your Mentoring Challenge conversations and support, and learning and practice sessions for your Mentoring LogBook for the Certificate of Competence - Mentor


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1 Lesson

Day #1

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1 Lesson

Day #2

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2 Lessons

Day #7

Moving into the Meeting - Your Preparation

Introduction of participants & educator

Review the Learning Outcomes
Review the Learning Objectives 

In your preparation for this meeting:

Create a 100-150 WRITTEN intro you can cut n paste into the Chat Function on Zoom and here as well 
Include your website link or LinkedIn link or another social media link at the end of the 60 second intro

While we can read your WRITTEN intro - highlight important elements, then answer, "What can you share about mentoring and YOU!"

You can use the "Zoom private chat function" to converse with the course educator or another participant 

Topics: terms & concepts //supporting a mentee

Of the Learning Objectives ... 

Define important terms and concepts - educator starts, participants add 

  • mentor // mentee
  • practice of mentoring
  • presence of mentorship
  • competence of mentor 
  • mentoring arrangement 
  • mentoring relationship

Review 9 key considerations a mentor requires to support a mentee

  • Identify them - summary by educator
  • Explore their interconnectedness - educator starts the conversation, gtroup offers insights
  • Discuss why they are important to mentoring - group dialogue, facilitated by educator 


Confirm topics for April 22nd meeting 
However, there is room for customization 

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