Note from Chris Thomson

Lesson 2 Module 1

Why a course in intelligence? For two very compelling reasons.

First reason – intelligence is about the whole of you, and about all aspects of your life and work. Change your intelligence, and everything else changes. Improve your intelligence, and all aspects of your life improve. Yes, all of them! Neglect your intelligence, and you pay the price. Things don’t go as well as they could. The single most powerful way to change yourself and your life is to raise the level of your intelligence.

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And, just in case you are wondering, intelligence is not fixed. It is not something you happen to be born with that remains unchanged forever. On the contrary, each time you work on your intelligence (in the ways described in this book), you become a little more intelligent. This book gives you a structure and process for doing this. It could well be the most important work you ever do.

Second reason – the world needs intelligence more than ever. Perhaps you have not heard of the Doomsday Clock. You can explore this at https://thebulletin.org/doomsday-clock/current-time/. You will see that midnight is the hour of global catastrophe, environmental or nuclear, or a combination of both. In my lifetime, nearly 74 years, the clock has been at 2 minutes to midnight only twice, in 1953 and today. 1953 was when the first H-bombs were exploded. Our insane collective attitude to climate change and nuclear weapons tells us why we are so close to midnight now. 

It need not be this way. Although we clearly have the potential to be the most intelligent species, we act as if we were the most stupid species. How can I possibly say this? It is because we human beings are the sole cause of all the world’s problems – all of them! If you don’t believe this, just think about it. What other species causes problems that threaten the survival of life on this planet? It is my profoundly held belief that, if large number of us worked on our intelligence, the world would change out of all recognition. We would cease to be a problem-causing species, and become the life-enhancing species we are capable of being. It can happen. And it urgently needs to happen, if we wish to survive and thrive on this beautiful planet.

Why you? Why should you read this book? Simply because you are an important member of humanity. However insignificant you might think you are, the truth is that all your thoughts, feelings and actions have an effect. Nothing you say or do goes unnoticed or unfelt. Although physicists have known for a long time that, at the quantum level of the very small, everything is totally connected to everything else, we have been slow to apply these finding to our normal daily lives. The fact is that we are as intimately connected to each other as are quanta. A few of us know this, and act on it. We are careful about what we say and do, because we know that our words and actions ripple out and affect everything. 

Most of us go through our lives as if we are isolated and separate from each other. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everything we think, say and do has consequences. Everything influences everything. That is the nature of the Cosmos. It is wholly and intimately interconnected. It follows from this that each time you become a little more intelligent, the world as a whole becomes a little more intelligent. Indeed, when you work on yourself, regularly and systematically, to become significantly more intelligent, the world itself automatically becomes significantly more intelligent – and the Doomsday Clock moves further away from midnight.

Incredible? Impossible? It might feel like that. Yet, the truth is that there is no more powerful way to change the world for the better than to change yourself for the better. I know this with absolute certainty, because I experience it every day of my life. I realised a long time ago that, if I wanted a better world, I did not need to support campaigns or become an “activist”. All I needed to do was change myself for the better. When I did, I soon noticed that the world changed accordingly. We are all much more powerful than we might imagine. We all have the innate power to change. But with this power comes responsibility. The more conscious you are of your power to influence the world, the more ethical and intelligent your thoughts, words and actions need to be. It is a virtuous circle, but a challenging one!

Why me? Why did I write this book? Am I qualified to do so? Since this is a short book, I will just say a few words. I am a Scot, living in the Pyrenees mountains in Catalonia, very close to the border with France. I came to this part of the world in 2007, mainly to live in peace and beauty (both are important indicators of intelligence!) It felt the intelligent thing to do. Ever since that decision, I look for intelligence, in all its myriad forms. I look for it primarily in people – their kindness, their love, their wisdom, their ways of living and working. There is much of this, here in the high valleys. I have the sense that country folk are more naturally intelligent than their urban brethren! I look for it in ideas and initiatives, particularly those that help to unlock and promote our human potential to become a truly intelligent species. I look for it in activity – for example, I am blessed, because I can ski alone in remote parts of the mountains whenever I wish. Doing this is one of the ways I commune with myself, and with the immense intelligence of the Cosmos that pervades everyone and everything. And, as I have already said, I find intelligence in the place itself.

This is a short book. It will be followed by others, which will go into detail in aspects of intelligence. This book simply introduces you to what intelligence is, and what it is not. It gives you sense of the vast scope of intelligence, ranging from the physical, at one of the spectrum, right through to the spiritual. Above all, this book will show you how to get started working on your own intelligence. Do this, and the world will change.

Good Luck


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