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Lesson 14 Module 7


Intelligence is about the whole of you, not just your mind or your intellect. It determines the quality of all your thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

Therefore, there is a spectrum of intelligence, ranging from the physical to the spiritual.

To be truly intelligent, you need to be intelligent right across this spectrum.

Intelligence is not fixed throughout your life. Whatever your starting point, you can become significantly more intelligent, by working regularly on yourself, and by learning from your mistakes.

All our actions go through a three-stage process – awareness, understanding, response. When you improve the depth and quality of these stages, you become more intelligent.

All the above applies to individuals.
But it applies equally to organisations.
This will be the subject of another course.


For a few minutes Chris shared insights about spiritual awarness // spiritual intelligence ... thought you might enjoy listening in ))smiles 

A Short Course in Spirituality coming soon!

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