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M6_4 Facilitating in the Mentoring Arrangement

Lesson 4

Discuss -> Use facilitative-mentoring in the mentoring arrangement:

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"Can you discuss -> use of facilitative-mentoring in the mentoring arrangement?"

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1. Watch the videos

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4. Summarize your learning

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The second section of the video above is about faciltitating - the first section is about coaching.

The videos below offer more insights.


Define facilitating:

  • to make easier or less difficult; help forward
  • to assist the progress of (a person)
  • Facilitation is a method used to help groups develop processes that are effective in order to accomplish desired outcomes.

Discuss the relationship between mentoring and facilitating:

  • From a mentor training perspective facilitation makes the learning process easier
  • Training that  is facilitated versus taught or telling is more in line with the overall mentoring process - Socratic method,
  • By facilitating we are providing a learning environment for the mentor and mentee
  • The environment is more about the development of critical thinking skills
  • Through facilitation you are asking questions to guide them to a desired outcome

Discuss situations where facilitating is not appropriate for a mentoring arrangement:

  • When the person is not properly trained in facilitation
  • When the role of the mentor is to actively listen and not be asking questions
  • In a lot of personal challenge situations it would not be prudent to facilitate

Discuss procedures when moving out of mentoring to facilitate:

  • Would be common when doing group mentoring
  • There would still be overtures of mentoring in the process
  • Depending on the group you could communicate the change in process

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