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M4_7 Mentee and the Mentoring Relationship

Lesson 7

Discuss -> Manage the mentoring relationship with mentee:

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Identify the 5 rules of relationship building:

  • Empathy
  • Courtesy
  • Enquiry
  • Interest
  • Respect

Discuss the importance of relationship building with the mentee:

  • A mentor can help a person (mentee) improve his or her abilities and skills through observation, assessment, modeling, and by providing guidance.
  • Without the relationship - and it should be a trusted relationship you really have nothing
  • The relationship can span a number of phases each with its own criteria and part that it plays
  • Building a relationship is like unlocking a door to a room filled with secrets
  • Relationship building is the essence of mentoring

Discuss the importance of a mentoring relationship with mentee:

  • Empathy
    • Put yourself in the other person’s position
    • See things from their point of view
    • Empathy is vital and has to be visible
  • Courtesy
    • Engage by being sympathetic
    • Engage in real conversation
    • Visual and verbal clues
    • Make voice warm and inviting
    • Positive body language
  • Enquiry
    • Open questions to elicit information and encourage conversation
    • String of pearls - connecting one thought to another
  • Interest
    • Keep an expression of interest in what you are saying
    • Be alert – throw in an unusual question or witty response
    • Humour may be appropriate – but only if you are comfortable in using it
    • Ask for their opinion – this helps validating you are interested in what they have to say
    • See the other person as someone important
  • Respect
    • Never assume that they have the same views and attitudes that you do
    • The world is full of different people – each one being unique
    • Understand their culture
    • Argument and confrontation will not build rapport
    • Respect their individuality and get on their wavelength
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