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M4_2 Competence Development of Mentee

Lesson 2

Discuss -> Manage the competence development of the mentee:

Suggested Actions ... based on answering this question:

"Can you discuss -> manage the competence development of the mentee?"

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1. Watch the video

2. Identify 3-5 Key Learning Points from watching the video

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4. Summarize your learning

5. Confirm you can answer the question with "Yes"

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Define competence:

  • the ability to do something successfully or efficiently.
  • the quality of being competent; adequacy; possession of required skill, knowledge, qualification, or capacity:

Define action_outcome statements:

  • "Outcomes - are specific, measurable statements that let you know when you have reached your goals. Outcome statements describe specific changes in your knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviors you expect to occur as a result of your actions. Good outcome statements are specific, measurable, and realistic.”
  • For every action that is taken there is an outcome

Determine competence level of mentee for participation in the mentoring arrangement:

  • Some mentoring programs have the mentor and mentee go through testing to assist in the matching process
  • You can also have them self-test if provide them with a questionnaire
  • You can take them through role play or simulation exercises
  • The best way is to build a trusting relationship, listen and hear what they have to say as it will shed a lot of light on their level of competence, ask questions.

Discuss ways to strengthen competence development of the mentee in the mentoring arrangement:

  • Sharing of personal experiences
  • Storytelling
  • Questioning versus telling
  • Challenge them personally and professionally
  • Make sure that you as a mentor are whole as a person
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