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M4_11 Mentee Initiatives Mentoring Arrangement

Lesson 11

Discuss mentee’s resource allocation to deal with identification of initiatives:

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"Can you discuss mentee’s resource allocation to deal with identification of initiatives?"

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Define initiative:

  • the ability to assess and initiate things independently.
  • the power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do.
  • Readiness and ability to initiate action

Define priority and prioritization:

  • Priority: the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important.
  • Prioritization: to arrange (items to be attended to) in order of their relative importance or to give priority to or establish as a priority.

Identify the criteria for prioritization of initiatives:

  • Priority would be given to the issues that have the greatest impact on the mentee.
  • If I am presented with communication issues and self-esteem I would recommend addressing the self-esteem issues
  • Mentors should review all the issues and then work with the mentee to determine which ones should be dealt with first

Distinguish between situational and recurring initiatives:

  • Situational are initiatives that occur as one ofs’.
  • Recurring are initiatives that repeat

Discuss the connection between initiatives and issues:

  • Initiatives are self-generated and typically not a problem
  • Issues are something that will require attention to address
  • Issues can become problems if not addressed.

Discuss challenges in prioritization of initiatives:

  • Who has ownership of the initiative - who thought of the initiative
  • Mentee not seeing the need to prioritize
  • Mentee not committed to the journey
  • Mentee does not have a big picture view of how everything is related
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