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M4_10 Mentee Issues Mentoring Arrangement

Lesson 10

Discuss mentee’s resource allocation to deal with issues:

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"Can you discuss mentee’s resource allocation to deal with issues?"

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April 2020



Identify the mentee’s issue(s):

  • Participate in the issue discovery
  • Look for what are personal issues and what are professional
  • Personal can include self-worth, self-esteem, and self confidence as examples
  • Professional can include disengagement, lack of advancement, poor communication, lack of motivation for example.

Identify the criteria for prioritization of mentee’s issues:

  • Focus on the personal issues first
  • They act as a barrier/obstacle to moving forward with professional issues
  • If they do not believe in their ability to produce then it is highly likely that they will not produce
  • Focus on the personal - target the issue that has the greatest impact on them as a person - may also have an impact on those around them - including clients

Distinguish between situational and recurring issues:

  • Situational issues are the one of’s that happen and then go away
  • Recurring issues are those that keep repeating themselves until they are properly dealt with.
  • A situational issue can become a recurring issue if not dealt with quickly and properly
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