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M3_9 Phases of a Mentoring Arrangement

Lesson 9

Discuss -> Manage the phases of a mentoring arrangement

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Define phases of mentoring arrangement:

  • The mentoring arrangement is usually broken down into phases.
  • Phase model assists the mentor and mentee, as it guides them through the mentoring process
  • Model #1:
    • Trusting
    • Learning and Development
    • Maintenance
  • Model #2:
    • Pre
    • During
    • Post
  • Model #3
    • Set-up
    • Dialogue
    • Close

Discuss the contribution of phases of mentoring arrangement to the mentee:

  • Deeper appreciation of the mentoring arrangement
  • Provides understanding of the process
  • Longer term commitment

Discuss the contribution of phases of mentoring arrangement to the mentor:

  • Heightens the importance of the mentor arrangement
  • Creates a deeper appreciation
  • “Didn’t know there was this much to mentoring”
  • Accountability
  • Commitment

Discuss the phases of a mentoring arrangement:

  • Duration of each
  • Movement between
  • What happens in each phase
  • How does this support the process
  • Review material listed above
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