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M3_4 Behavioral Awareness Mentoring Arrangement

Lesson 4

Discuss behavioral awareness within the mentoring arrangement

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Define behavioral awareness:

  • Behavioural awareness is all about being aware of what you are doing from a behaviour perspective. Once you have become aware then it is possible to change your behaviour.
  • Behaviour is defined as: “the way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially toward others.”
  • This can mean speaking, body language, physical gestures, monopolizing the conversation and talking over someone - disrespectful behaviour.
  • If we are not aware we act a certain way which can in the case of a mentoring arrangement lessen the chance of success with the mentoring arrangement. If we are not aware and others do not bring it to our attention we then assume that our behaviour is the norm - and it is not. The behaviour that we seek to emulate is one of being of service to others. Respectful, humble, effective communicator, to name a few.
  • Within the mentoring arrangement behaviour and behaviour awareness impacts the mentor as well as the mentee. Both need to be cognizant of how they act or are conducting themselves towards themselves as well as towards each other.
  • Awareness is crucial to being happy because we can only change if we are aware.

Discuss behavioral awareness within mentoring arrangement:

  • Mentor needs to be self-aware of their behaviour and the impact it may have on others
  • Example provided in the link is good - discuss this further
  • Mentor’s awareness of their own behaviour must grow as the relationship grows
  • Each mentor engagement is unique and there is not a playbook that you can use
  • The more that you mentor the quicker your awareness of your own behaviour for situations that you encounter and that of your mentee
  • How you respond to a change in behaviour can sometimes be the downfall to the relationship
  • Be mindful of stereotyping
  • Be mindful of preconceived outcomes - remember each situation is unique
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