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M3_3 Generational Characteristics & Mentoring Arrangement

Lesson 3

Discuss the impact of generational characteristics on the mentoring arrangement

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Explain generational characteristics:

  • Characteristics of each generation are used to define who they are and their values, attitudes and roles.
  • Must be cautious to not stereotype people based on what generation they are from
  • A Millennium is known as:
    • They are nurtured by omnipresent parents, optimistic, and focused.
    • Respect authority.
    • Falling crime rates. ...
    • They schedule everything.
  • Having an understanding of the generations and how they may interact brings value to the mentoring arrangement
  • Must not stereotype based on the generation
  • Characteristics of one generation overflows into others - Millennials are known to change jobs frequently and are not loyal. Baby Boomers are now following suit.
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