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M3_18 Closure of Mentoring Arrangement

Lesson 17

Discuss -> Manage closure of the mentoring arrangement process

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"Can you discuss -> manage closure of the mentoring arrangement process?"

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April 2020



Define closure of the mentoring arrangement:

  • Closure would occur once both parties have decided the mentoring arrangement has met both needs
  • Closure may be a formality but the relationship could continue (maintenance)
  • Because it is a two way relationship both parties would need to be comfortable with the term “closure”
  • Closure would be a term used in more formal mentoring arrangements
  • Closure is seldom used in a non-formal mentoring arrangement 

Identify the criteria to acknowledge the mentoring arrangement has run its formal course:

  • Goals and objectives of both parties has been met
  • The success factors  outside of the goals and objectives were realized
  • Both parties agree nothing further can be gained
    • I would recommend a process to reach out and touch base
    • I have found that while we may say the mentoring arrangement is over it really is never over
    • If a true connection was made it can be a lifetime arrangement

Summarize closure of the mentoring arrangement process

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