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M3_14 Administrative Boundaries Mentoring Arrangement

Lesson 14

Discuss -> Manage the administrative boundaries of the mentoring arrangement

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"Can you discuss -> manage the administrative boundaries of the mentoring arrangement?"

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Identify the administrative requirements of the mentoring arrangement:

  • Learning/mentor contract
  • Mentor Log
  • Agenda
  • Establish Terms of the mentor arrangement
  • Scheduling of meetings
  • Recording of any minutes
  • Assignment of tasks

Discuss meeting requirements:

  • Sometimes defined in the structure of a mentoring movement
  • Some mentor movements(programs) require one face to face meeting a month
  • Discuss pros and cons to a monthly meeting
  • Recommend that the mentee should drive this
  • Recommend that it be at the least every two weeks
  • Can also use technology in the interim between F2F meetings
  • Hard to build trust when you only meet monthly

Discuss documentation requirements:

  • Ask permission to take notes
  • In some situations where trust is a factor taking notes would not be welcomed
  • Promote the mentee to take minutes
  • Learning contract should be signed
  • Some mentor logs require signatures to validate session  took place

Discuss communication requirements:

  • Most meetings if possible F2F
  • In between scheduled meetings - cell phone, text messaging, Skype, Zoom, etc.
  • This must be discussed and outlined when defining the terms of the mentor arrangement
  • Communication should be respectful of each person’s busy schedule.

Discuss use of mentoring agreement:

  • Provides structure and written accountability
  • Some prefer to not use this process
  • Agreement should outline a number of things such as:
    • Contact information
    • Frequency of meetings
    • Goals and objectives
    • Method of contact
    • What each hopes to take away from the relationship
    • Review of what is mentoring

Discuss the usefulness of executing a shared plan of action:

  • Buy in from both participants
  • Understanding of what each is going to take away
  • Collaboration
  • Better able to guide

Review the administrative boundaries of the mentoring arrangement

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