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M3_10 Issue Identification & Mentoring Arrangement

Lesson 10

Discuss -> Manage issue identification to the mentoring arrangement

Suggested Actions ... based on answering this question:

"Can you discuss -> manage issue identification to the mentoring arrangement?"

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2. Identify 3-5 Key Learning Points from watching each video

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4. Summarize your learning

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The video to the right is an additional resource ... also, it covers the important points in the video above. However, the way it's said here may spark a different perspective.


Define issue:

  • An important topic or problem for debate or discussion.
  • Must be identified and dealt with.
  • Can be a broad range of topics - discuss further

Define problem:

  • A matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome.

Define appreciations:

  • An understanding of a situation.
  • It is challenging to have a complete understanding of a situation
  • Driven by the information that you have at the time
  • Question technique

Identify 3 characteristics of issues:

  • Can impede progress of mentoring arrangement
  • Sometimes are not an issue but can become one - poor communication
  • Dependent on the trusted relationship

Identify 3 characteristics of problems:

  • Was an issue that was not dealt  with effectively.
  • Can impact the communication of the participants of the mentoring arrangement
  • May not appear to be a problem to one of the mentoring arrangement participants

Identify 3 characteristics of appreciations:

  • The ideal state of the critical thinking process - issue, problem, appreciation.
  • If properly in place would alleviate issues and problems
  • Is dependent on participants being able to use critical thinking skills.

Discuss the connections among issues, problems, and appreciations:

  • An issue becomes a problem when not addressed and is usually as a result of a break down in the appreciation of what is taking place.
  • Without the full understanding an issue may develop and eventually become a problem.

Discuss the usefulness of identifying issues, problems, and appreciations in a mentoring arrangement:

  • By not identifying you can impact the success of the mentoring arrangement
  • Does demonstrate the benefit  of the mentoring arrangement
  • Open and honest communication
  • Strengthens the relationship
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