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M2_7 Reciprocation in Mentoring Arrangement

Lesson 7

Discuss ->Manage reciprocation within mentoring arrangement

Suggested Actions ... based on answering this question:

"Can you discuss -> manage reciprocation within mentoring arrangement?"

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1. Watch the video

2. Identify 3-5 Key Learning Points from watching the video

3. Read the Notes and Additional Resources below - if available

4. Summarize your learning

5. Confirm you can answer the question with "Yes"

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Define reciprocation:

  • You reciprocate when you return a favor, return a compliment, or respond "the same to you" to the angry guy in the car you just passed.
  • In short, you react to an action, statement, or emotion by mirroring it.
  • a mutual exchange

Identify ways the mentor and mentee reciprocate:

  • Sharing of information
  • Building of trust
  • Building a relationship (mentoring)
  • Open communication
  • Goals and objectives

Discuss blocks to reciprocation:

  • Lack of willingness to begin the journey
  • Unable or not willing to communicate
  • No trust
  • No chemistry
  • No commitment
  • Unable to or lack of wanting to build a relationship
  • Not willing to make it a two way relationship
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