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M2_3 Confidentiality in Mentoring Arrangement

Lesson 3

Discuss -> Manage confidentiality in the mentoring arrangement

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Define confidentiality:

  • the state of keeping or being kept secret or private.

Discuss the elements of confidentiality for the mentoring arrangement:

  • Without it the full benefits of the mentoring arrangement can not be realized
  • The promise of confidentiality allows a sense of trust to develop over time
  • The more trust the more truthful the discussions
  • Confidentiality is a component of ethical behavior and part of the wise practices for ethics in mentoring guidelines.

Discuss the elements of confidentiality for the mentee’s vocation/profession:

  • Sharing of trade secrets
  • May need to be selective what gets shared and when

Discuss the elements of confidentiality for the mentor’s vocation/profession:

  • Sharing of trade secrets
  • Job shadowing - non-disclosure

Identify situations when confidentiality is waived because of duty and statues:

  • Any criminal activity
  • Potential to harm self or others
  • Ethical
  • Moral
  • Financial
  • Corporate policies (would normally be covered by some form of law)

Discuss how to deal with waving confidentiality:

  • The waving of confidentiality is not a decision to take lightly
  • In some cases the mentee may be willing to share person stories that would demonstrate the value that mentoring has played in their life
  • Testimonials
  • Communicating the potential outcomes should it be waived
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