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M1_4 Free and Paid Mentoring

Lesson 6

Discuss the connection between free and paid mentoring:

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"Can you discuss the connection between free and paid mentoring?"

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It's here as an additional resource ... it covers the important points in the video above. However, the way it's said here may spark a different perspective. 


Define free mentoring:

  • Mentoring that is done pro-bono

  • Sometimes driven by budget (not for profit)

  • A large percentage of the mentoring is done free

  • There is room for both paid and unpaid mentoring

  • The approach is the same for both

Define paid mentoring:

  • Is where an exchange of mentoring services for money takes place

  • Mentoring industry is moving more to a remuneration versus unremunerated

  • Typically done on a hourly basis

  • Can also look at blocks of time at a slightly reduced rate

  • Can also include remote or virtual mentoring

  • Where remuneration is taking place there may also be refunds where the service provided was not up to standard.

Discuss the connection between free and paid mentoring:

  • Professional mentors will provide a combination of services that will include paid and free mentoring.

  • Free mentoring can sometimes provide a referral to an paid opportunity

  • Whether paid or free the process needs to be followed in order to maintain credibility and consistency in the service being provided

  • Review material listed above
  • YT says:

    It is exciting to see the value of mentoring increasingly being recognized as a profession!

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