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M1_3 Benefits of Mentoring

Lesson 5

Discuss the benefits of serving as a mentor:

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Describe ways the mentor is an influencer

  • Having a mentor makes you more credible
  • Mentor typically has a world of networks
  • Mentor can offer insights that you might not normally tap into
  • Through the mentor arrangement you guide a person on their journey

Describe ways a mentor is an innovator:

  • Provides a different perspective to the person they are mentoring
  • Using questioning to develop critical thinking skills
  • Uses storytelling to share experiences that percolate critical thinking
  • Thinks outside the box
  • Authentic leader

Discuss ways a mentor serves as an influencer:

  • Through the mentor arrangement guides the mentee to the answers
  • There share their stories of success and opportunities to learn openly and freely
  • Helps with the mentee’s growth
  • They ask questions - they do not tell forcing critical thinking
  • They connect through their network

Discuss ways a mentor serves as an innovator:

  • Through asking questions they provide a place for critical thinking
  • Mentors think outside the box
  • They are authentic leaders

Discuss the benefits of serving as a mentor:

  • Review material listed above.
  • YT says:

    Love the idea of mentor as an innovator, and in my thinking extend that to include “facilitation of innovation” as well! Great concept for my personal reflection!

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