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M1_2 Types of Mentoring

Lesson 4

Discuss the types of mentoring:

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Original video - 2018

It's here as an additional resource ... it covers the important points in the video above. However, the way it's said here may spark a different perspective.


Identify the types of mentoring:

  • One on one
  • Face to face
  • Remote or distant
  • Group
  • Reverse (not a preferred term by IMC)
  • Peer
  • Informal
  • Formal
  • Training based
  • Executive Mentoring - top down
  • Traditional
  • Effective or modern mentoring

Discuss the usefulness of using different types of mentoring in the mentoring arrangement:

  • Can start using one on one and face to face in dealing with one person
  • Mentoring could move to group mentoring
  • Mentor individual - Mentor a group in which the individual is part of - group to group as an example
  • Mentoring is tailored to the individual and to the group as well - customized
  • Demonstrates versatility of mentoring process
  • Formal and informal work well together especially if you are creating a mentoring movement within an organization

  • YT says:

    My key learning points:
    – different types of mentoring serve different mentoring objectives and environments
    – a foundation of trust supports all types of mentoring
    – there is a discipline and structure to mentoring that can increase mentoring effectiveness

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