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M1_11 Speak Responsively

Lesson 13

Speak responsively - also, Share responsively:

Suggested Actions ... based on answering this question:

"Can you speak responsively?"

If yes - move to the next lesson or module

If no - follow this pathway

1. Watch the videos

2. Identify 3-5 Key Learning Points from watching each video

3. Read the Notes and Additional Resources below - if available

4. Summarize your learning

5. Confirm you can answer the question with "Yes"

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The video to the right was from the first video set we created in 2018-2019.

It's here as an additional resource ... it covers the important points in the video above. However, the way it's said here may spark a different perspective. 


Define speaking:

  • The action of conveying information or expressing one's thoughts and feelings in spoken language.

Define responsively:

  • Quick to respond or react appropriately or sympathetically
  • Sensitive.
  • Using responses.

Identify ways speaking is enhanced:

  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Demonstrate passion
  • Demonstrate knowledge of topic
  • Presence
  • Speak clearly

Identify ways speaking is blocked:

  • Unprepared
  • No passion
  • Apparent lack of knowledge or lack of being prepared
  • Not presentable - no audience appeal
  • Overuse of hands and voice

Discuss ways to improve speaking:

  • Practice and prepare
  • Organize your material and be prepared
  • Watch for feedback and be flexible to adjust
  • Let your personality come through
  • Tell stories
  • Use voice and hands effectively’

Discuss ways for the mentor to speak responsively with the mentee:

  • Mentor needs to demonstrate passion and caring in their speech
  • Use of storytelling is a good idea
  • Active listening - you need to listen and hear what the mentee is actually saying
  • React to body language

Discuss ways the mentor confirms speaking responsively:

  • Mentee will react positively
  • More engaging of a conversation
  • Energy level will change
  • Deeper level of trust
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