Introduction to this A Short Course in Intelligence

Lesson 1 Module 1

WELLcome ... 

Meet Your Educator - Chris Thomson

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Video Introduction to Chris Thomson 
Accompanied by Stephen Hobbs 

Click to access Chris' Bio on his WELLther page on WELLth Movement - where you'll find additional videos with Chris and Stephen ... when you click on the blue access button, a new tab will open with access to Chris' WELLther page!

The Introduction, 5 Chapters, and Summary of the book are split into the respective course sections - as listed to the right of this note ->

Below is the intended book cover and the pdf version of the whole book.


The intended book cover ... it is going through the process of creation. 

chris thomson course intelligence

The book manuscript in its orginal format (via pdf). We will upload the Amazon and Smashword links soon. Click the image to download. this version 

The Video Script:

Introduction - why are you interested in the topic of intelligence (what you led you here 

I 'll make a reference to the blue room - you share the story

Chat about a 6 chapter book The Short Course in Intelligence 

Ch 1 ... actual behavior - not fixed - state of the world (become more intelligent 

Ch 2 ... intelligence is about the whole you - 6 main intelligences - they are not in isolation (they are connected 

Ch 3 ... our actions pass through the same process - sensing, understanding, responding - improve each, more intelligent - matrix of the 6 intelligence by the 3 step process (you're filling the boxes 

Ch 4 ... body sense i) awareness ii) wisdom - physical intelligence foundational - the 5 senses 

Ch 5 ... define intuitive intelligence - we all do it - important to improve 

So what? What else? Now what? (asking you questions like what's the next book called?

  1. more books following - through 2020
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  4. send us your questions through the course Comment section or the website contact page 
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