Mentoring Library

Introduction to the Library

Lesson 2

We have organized the Mentoring Library according to the 7 Modules of the Certificate of Competence - Mentor. 

Each Action_Outcome in the module is listed and education resources are made available.
Because the Mentoring Library is a living and growing resource - we'll add more resources each month. To which, we invite you to create resources (articles, videos, books, etc.) we can vet and add to the Library.   

To the right is the IMC defintion of mentoring - a starting point for your entry into the Mentoring Library ...

And, the definition of terms and concepts of mentoring are available in Module 1, Statement #1

To the left is the answer to the question:

How would the world be without mentors?

Response by: Doug Lawrence
- Director of Education IMC
- Co-Founder IMC

Emphasizing the sense of community from International Mentoring Community (IMC) as linked to being a mentor for the world ... 

If you know of someone who could benefit from involvement with the IMC, they can start at 

As you move into the library ... and questions and comments arise:
Ask private questions, share comments via the Contact Page
Ask public questions, share comments using the Comments section below

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